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Metro Connection--American University Radio
The White House is a symbol of American power all over the world. But for many African-Americans, this most famous of American homes also represents a rarely discussed history of exclusion and inequality. Rebecca Sheir talks with Clarence Lusane, author of The Black History of the White House, about the ties between the White House and people of African descent, from the slaves and servants who worked there, to the activists who visited in the name of social and racial justice.

Book TV
Clarence Lusane presents a history of African-Americans and the White House on C-SPAN2 Book TV.  Lusane reports that 25% of American Presidents were slave holders and recalls the many slaves who worked at the White House such as those who assisted in its construction.  His history also includes the African-American men and women who were employed at the White House in the 20th century, including the first black secret service agent, Abraham Bolden.  Clarence Lusane presents his book at the Harlem Library in New York City.

The Michael Eric Dyson Show
Michael Dyson interviews Clarence Lusane on his radio show and discuss how the relationship of the black community to the White House has evolved from the presidency of George Washington to the present day. Lusane interview begins at minute 35.

The Sydney Morning Herald
Clarence Lusane to address White House staff about the many generations of black servants who preceded them on Monday February 28.

New America Now
Clarence Lusane is interviewed on the New America Now podcast. Show's theme: These days.

What's new in Books: African-American History
The Black History of the White House receives the feature spot in the Chicago Times "What's new in Books" list.

Philly Review
The Black History of the White House is reviewed in the Philadelphia Tribune.

Clarence Lusane on NPR
Listen as Lusane talks with National Public Radio about The Black History of the White House.

George Washington, Slave Holder
From Counter Punch, Clarence Lusane's findings on our first president as a slave holder.

The NY Observer's "Very Short List" email blast
"Lusane is an elegant, impassioned writer, and the book—which is full of stories we’d never encountered in American History 101—is totally engrossing. . . This is a serious, necessary book . . . "

The "Black History" of America's White House
Slide show, interview and excerpt from NPR on The Black History of the White House.

Positively Obama: Living with Black History in the White House
Steven Barboza of the Atlanta Post takes a look at the new first family with Clarence Lusane.

Race Relations and the White House
It is heralded as the "people's house" but for the past two centuries the White House has shared America's tumultuous history when it comes to race. From serving as slaves to assuming the highest office in the land blacks have always played a role at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Clarence Lusane is interviewed on the BBC's World News America.

The Travis Smiley Show
In a new book entitled, The Black History of the White House, American University professor Dr. Clarence Lusane explores the untold contributions of African Americans in the White House, from the generations of enslaved people who helped to build it or were forced to work there, to its first Black first family, the Obamas. Travis Smiley interviews the author on his radio show.

Politial Affairs Poscast: Clarence Lusane
January 24, 2011 Political Affairs podcast with author Clarence Lusane.

Examining Race Relations in the White House
The Boston Globe reviews The Black History of the White House.

Unsung Heroes: Clarence Lusane, 'The Black History of the White House', at Politics and Prose
Clarence Lusane interviewed about the origin of and challenges of writing his new book. Interview by Stephen M. Deusner of Express Night Out.

Reject the Confederacy, Celebrate Reconstruction
A new original essay by Clarence Lusane featured on the Powell's Books Blog.  

On With Leon XM-Sirius
Clarence Lusane interviewed on Wilmer Leon's radio show, "On With Leon" XM-Sirius.

Restoring the White House to Its True Colors 
American University professor Clarence Lusane explores the black history of the White House in his new book. Author interview with American Today

Latin America Sees Increase In African Refugees
"The United Nations High Commission for Refugees reports an increase in asylum seekers from several African countries to South America. Among countries seeing a spike in asylum seekers from Africa are Brazil and Argentina. Guest host Jennifer Ludden discusses the trend with journalist Anil Mundra, who has reported on African immigration to Argentina. Mundra is joined by Professor Clarence Lusane, of American University. Lusane works closely with African rights organizations in Brazil."
-Jennifer Ludden, Tell Me More, NPR Nov 23, 2009

Clarence Lusane: Obama, They're Just Not That Into You, Move On
"Clarence Lusane is Associate Professor at the American University School of International Service, and is a contributing author to Changing the Race: Racial Politics and the Election of Barack Obama, being published today by Applied Research Center. The edited volume features 20 prominent thinkers and activists on race and the 2008 election.
Barely nine months into his administration, President Obama finds himself at a cross-roads. At one level, a top policy priority, health care reform, is in trouble. His popular support has steadily decreased and angry mobs and extremist media have dominated the conversation putting Democratic supporters on the defensive and made Republicans feel emboldened in their obstructionist behavior. Even before a real bill has been fashioned, the White House and Hill Democrats have tossed out (or hinted at a willingness to cast off) key progressive provisions."
-Clarence Lusane, RaceWire Oct 1, 2009

From the White House to Obama's House
"Today, to confront the issue of rising racial animosity as well as the likely changed political environment that he will face after the November 2010 elections, Obama will need the one thing that Theodore Roosevelt's White House lacked: courage. Congressional Republicans and the conservative movement will relentlessly pursue an agenda of obstructionism, rollback, and anti-progressivism. The White House can continue to chase a fruitless strategy of bi-partisanship or realize that in the 2-6 years it has left, it is in an ideological and political battle for the future of the nation. Whatever the configuration of Congress turns out to be, President Obama must employ all the powers of his office, both real and symbolic, to push through policies that genuinely advance the nation’s interest and those of the people in it."
-Dr. Clarence Lusane, Oct 18, 2010

Sold Brothers: The Bizzaro World of Williams and Thomas
"Conservative attacks on NPR have little to do with the substance of the case involving Williams and more to do with what is perceived to be an opening to attack non-right-wing media. Palin, DeMint and others hope to chill any news coverage that does not favor their extremist agenda even if that means left-baiting NPR. Along with Ginni Thomas, they seek any opportunity to mobilize their base against real or imagined liberal bias or progressive advancement. Williams and Thomas both sold their soul to the right-wing devil many moons ago. No tears should be shed for either one let alone any offer of apologies."
-Clarence Lusane, The Huffington Post Oct 26, 2010

Clarence Lusane on Juan Williams, Chris Rogers on Pakistan
"This week on CounterSpin: The firing of Juan Williams from NPR might seem like an inside media story; it's become more as Williams, who was let go after saying people in 'Muslim garb' on planes make him nervous, has become something of a cause celebre for the right. We'll talk about what it all says about the present moment with Clarence Lusane, professor at American University and author of the forthcoming The Black History of the White House."
Interview with Clarence Lusane begins around minute 10.
-CounterSpin, Oct 29, 2010

Racism, Shirley Sherrod and the Obama White House
"This article is an excerpt from The Black History of the White House forthcoming in the Open Media Series by City Lights Books,"
-Clarence Lusane, ZCommunications Jul 31, 2010